We have 8 operational freight cars and 3 passenger cars, including
the saloon car of the former NWE, which was retired in the 1960s.
After two years of extensive restoration, the saloon car is as it is
the other vehicles of our association are available for special travel.
Most of the cars were restored or refurbished by Verein Brücke e.V. in Blankenburg. Meanwhile some wagons were through the
IG HSB e.V. repaired again in many work assignments by the members of the IG. E.g. the Gw 99 02 25 and the 905 153, also known as the "soup truck". Furthermore, the IG HSB has 2 small diesel locomotives V10c as permanent loans. Both locomotives are currently inoperable. Until May 2015, the IG HSB also had the 99 6101 in care. Unfortunately, this locomotive has not been available to us since the 2015 deadline.

The 99 6101 on its last special trip for the time being for IG HSB e.V.