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Today's narrow-gauge baggage car KD4i 904-153 [T] comes from a series of three combined postal baggage cars and a pure baggage car from 1900 by the wagon construction company Herbrandt & Co from Cologne. It worked until 1948 under the NWE company code PP 161. At the DR it was initially given the number 10.161p, from 1952 onwards as a KD4i 906-101 and from 1958 on its current one
Number KD4i 904-153. This mail and baggage car is the last from this series, which has largely been preserved in its original condition to this day. After the takeover
in 1991 by the DR, the IG HSB had it completely renovated.

Today, this mail and baggage car is part of the stock of the historic, traditional vehicles of the IG HSB and can be chartered through the HSB for special occasions.

Source: IG HSB traction vehicles and cars

Vehicle no .: 904-153 IG-HSB
Vehicle type KD4i [T]
Manufacturer: Waggonfabrik AG, vormals Herbrandt Cie, Köln - Ehrenfeld
Construction year 1900
Length over buffers 11,30 m
Pivot spacing: 6,10 m
Bogie situation: 1,20 m
Braked weight 11,5 t
own weight 11,5 t
Load capacity 2,2 t
Loading area 16 m²

Source: IG HSB traction vehicles and cars

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Image sources: Brochure "IG HSB traction vehicles and wagons"
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Fritz Eisenhut; Bernd Schröder; Alexander Cramer; Sigmar Frenzel;
Andreas Heuer Collection.

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